Happy Birthday Scientist Isabelle!!!

Scientist Isabelle deduced that it was her birthday again.  After crunching some numbers and solving extremely long equations, she concluded that this is the year for her to turn seven.
The first experiment that Isabelle had on her list was creating goo.  This required a hands-on effort, but she was willing to make the sacrifice.  It was a hit among her fellow scientists!
Isabelle knew that after her successful attempt at goo, she had to move on to bigger and better things.  She made self-contained cyclones as well as artificial snow.
Scientist Isabelle knew that her creations were becoming increasingly popular.  After much thought and debate, it was decided that there needed to be a way to create your own soda with just a few household items.  After many painstaking hours in her laboratory, she finally came up with the perfect recipe: 
This recipe was of course then tested by other scientists to prove Isabelle's theory:
Working with soda then gave Isabelle an awesome idea!  What if one were to combine Coke with Mentos?  This question led to the experiment with an exciting outcome:
Eureka!  What a discovery!
After so much work in the lab, it was time to have some rest.  Isabelle and her fellow scientists decided to relax from the rigorous duties of science for a time.  Because of her great achievements, Scientist Isabelle's colleagues awarded her with well-deserved gifts.
Of course after a hard day's work every scientist should enjoy some scrumptious ice cream!
Although Isabelle knew that fire requires oxygen, she also knew that with just the right amount of force of carbon dioxide exhaled from the mouth, the flame would be extinguished, causing her next scientific wish to soon become a reality!
But enough leisure for one day.  It was now back to the lab, where an in-depth study was needed on the connection between perfect weather and a bunch of kids with water guns!

Happy Birthday Isabelle!



mama C said...

What an awesome birthday:). But the pictures are what put it over the top, thanks!!!

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