I recently went on vacation with my family to Hawaii.  It was awesome!  Although we got rained on a few times, I still loved the warm, island weather.
The north shore has some pretty big waves, so swimming was not allowed.
If you were a professional surfer though, then this was the best time to be out on the water. This guy here is a paddleboarder. The boards that they use are pretty big.
We visited the Dole plantation.  I didn't know that it takes 20 months for a pineapple to grow!  Here are a few shots of pineapples.
We spent some time walking up Waimea Valley.  The climax of our walk was the waterfall and pool.  We were able to swim in the pool.  The water was quite cold, relative to the ocean water.  This didn't dampen the experience one bit. 
This flower reminded us of the one on "Horton Hears a Who."
I love places that have bright, green moss just as can be found there.
The trees were quite the sight as well.
We stayed at a beach house on the north shore, which is home to the famous Matsumoto shaved ice.
Tucked away in the Valley of the Temples we found this replica of an 800 year old Japanese temple.  This was built without any nails!  The area was very beautiful and quite peaceful.
The trip was fantastic and photos (at least mine) can't show the full beauty of the island.


naomi carmen* said...

beautiful photos, justin. good job!

Justin Shepherd said...

Thanks Naomi!

AJ said...

Great pics. Love the red flower.

Angela said...

Love the pictures! Good job honey.

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