Josh, Katie, Jordan, and Rylan: One Beautiful Family

It was a delight spending time with Josh, Katie, and their handsome sons.  I've been taking photos here and there of my sons and it hasn't been too easy for me to catch them looking right at my camera.  I noticed that their cute little three year old was frequently looking through my lens without even being asked.  And he has such vibrant eyes that I couldn't resist including a few more photos of him below.  Little Rylan has his father's looks, with stunningly curly red hair.  Each member in this family of four has a sweet uniqueness to them, and together they look radiant.  I enjoyed these photos so much and it was hard for me to choose which ones to place here on the blog.

I could immediately see the love that Jordan has for his younger brother.  He was so careful with him and enjoyed being around the little guy.
So cute, isn't he?
How sweet it was to see Katie with her two boys!
I found out that these guys are Saints fans.  They even have a little jersey for Rylan.

It was truly a pleasure taking photos of this lovely family.  Thanks again Josh and Katie!


Angela said...

Good work honey. My fav. is the last picture. Katie says that is "so Jordan".

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