Dirty Dash!

I heard about the Dirty Dash only a few weeks ago and it sounded like something fun to shoot. A 10k run up and down hills, through the mud, over obstacles, and under the flags through the mud pit to the finish. Everyone seemed to be having a great time! Some really got into it and were in all sorts of costumes.  I told my wife about it and we might run it next year. 
EG and Yukiko trampled through the mud while I took a few photos of them. 

This was Yukiko's first official run.  She did a fantastic job!  Even though this was a 10k, I'm sure it felt more like a 15k with all of the mud.  They said that it wasn't about speed, but about just staying on your feet because of the slippery conditions.

 This was the beginning of their ascent up the last hill.  Most people were walking up this, but these two ran up!
The initial plunge into the pit.
It was quite entertaining watching friends chuck mud at each other.  It looked like so much fun that at certain times I felt like jumping in with them.  EG got some mud splattered across the left side of his face here.
The last dash to the finish.
Yukiko stumbled over the finish line with a smile on her face and handfuls of mud which she was ready to share with EG.
Even covered in mud, these two look great together!
The happy ending of the treacherous run!  Thanks you guys for letting me be a part of this.  It was a lot of fun!  Next year Yukiko you might just have to take pictures of my wife and I if we run the Dirty Dash ourselves.

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