It doesn't get much better than this!!!

Every year our mortgage company holds a customer appreciation activity and this year we were invited for a free evening to Seven Peaks Waterpark. Free parking and tube rental included! It was a sweet deal! I've been to Seven Peaks before on a busy day and that was nothing compared to this. There were so many people there that I would guess that half of the poeple reading this post were in attendance. Free deals seem to be pretty popular. With this in mind, I've decided to swing into the September deal early: A free photo shoot and CD with edited photos for the first 5 families to email me.

It's always nice to see a photo with a post. While we "swing" into September, I remember the photos I took of Owen and Luke not too long ago. My boys always want me to swing them around. I decided to take these pictures while in mid-swing.


AJ said...

Great pics! Love seeing family having a good time! I do a little photography, too. :)

Yukiko said...

Awesome pictures! I thought you said you were just starting out, but these are way impressive.

Justin Shepherd said...

Thanks for the compliment Yukiko!

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